Distance: 6.7 Km

Flow: 1942 – 2118 CFS

Name: Controversy exists, but was probably named after Argentine President Bernardino Rivadavia (1780-1845) or Military Mariner, Martin Rivadavia (1852-1901).

After seeing all those great looking lakes and streams on the drive to Cholila, you are going to be excited to get a fly rod in your hand. There could be no better start to an epic angling journey than the Rivadavia. It literally feels like you are floating through a fly fishing travel brochure. The turquoise water, Jurassic Park like jungle and snow-capped peaks make this trout environment seem more like a dream than real life. As if this river wasn't perfect enough, you'll get to fish two spring creeks along your float! Your rod will be bending and bowing for rainbows, browns, Atlantic Salmon and brookies as you drift off into an Patagonia angler's paradise Nestled between Lago Rivadavia and Lago Verde in Los Alerces National Park, this short but timeless river will reside in your memories forever.

The Rivadavia's unique combination of jade colored water, snow capped mountains, and lush jungle make it an unusually stunning trout environment to say the least. It is a challenging fishery, with gin-clear water and banks lined with logs that at times can make the casting a challenge. Wading and sight fishing to trout with small nymphs is a great way to fish the Rivadavia. Other great methods include fishing large dries over the logs or throwing streamers against the tree-lined banks to entice the huge browns. This Argentina river is a favorite of many experienced anglers due in large part to the challenge, the beauty and the rewards.

All of the reasons above are why the Rio Rivadavia was one of the rivers featured on one of our episodes with ESPN’s “In Search of Flywater”.

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