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Size: Shoreline is 700 Km

Maximum Depth: 840 ft

Length: 45 miles in the longest arm

Lago Menendez is an enormous lake in the heart of Los Alerces National Park in Argentina. Because there are no roads to the lake you will be ferried across Lago Verde for about 10 minutes where the boat will be trailered across land to Lago Menendez. The 30 minute ride to the other end of the lake will take your breath away as you stare at several glaciers that crawl to the lake's shoreline. The most noticeable Patagonia feature is the Glacier Torrecillas, which will be at your fingertips for most of the day. The lake is part of a wild reserve, and as such, it is protected by relatively strict regulations. One must keep away from tributaries and their bocas, fires are not allowed on its shores and overnight camping is not allowed.

Fishing in the lake mostly consists of high density sinking lines to go deep for the big browns. The average fish in the lake will range from 16’ – 22” rainbows and browns. Besides the incredible scenery, the other reason for fly fishing here is that although the average fish is 19”, it is likely you will hook into a trophy brown. Past clients have landed fish as large as 10 lbs and many others in the 5 – 8 lb range. As long as the wind is agreeable, this remote destination will put you in the middle of nowhere; fishing under glaciers for monster size trout.

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